and Biomyc announce partnership

We are excited to announce that we are taking our partnership with, the Netherlands to the next level to bring Mycelium Products to Central and Eastern Europe!
Mycelium composite is a 100% natural, carbon negative, home and marine compostable alternative to traditional polystyrene offering the same performance, at comparable cost, and is already being used to protect goods ranging from cosmetics to electronics in Europe. is the first company to start production of Mycelium composite packaging in Europe. They are the most experienced producer of mushroom material products as well as the first licensee of Ecovative’s innovative mycelium composite technology. In less than four years, they grew their production capacity 20X and know every intimate detail of mycelium product creation to ensure that your next batch of eco-products is on time and is perfect.
Together we are excited to introduce the future of sustainable mycelium products to Central and Eastern European countries!
Biomyc is a sustainable design company that creates next-generation products from mycelium and eco-materials. Biomyc has extensive product design, local market, sustainability, and biotech expertise and has helped industry leaders like Mercedes-Benz in designing, producing, and implementing sustainable solutions in leading European facilities.
Thanks to this we can create even more sustainable products and cover the production of medium to large series of mycelial products.