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About Biomyc ltd.

Next-gen sustainable products from innovative eco materials.

We are an award-winning design and innovation services company that designs next-generation products and packaging from innovative eco-materials for Premium Brands. Our favorite material is mycelium composite and we design products and packaging with it by using our custom sustainable design methodology. 

Our proprietary method for design and established network of manufacturing partners allow us to help companies put professionally designed, tailor-made sustainable products on the market now. We continuously explore new ways to design with mycelium composite to enhance its properties and develop stunning premium eco-products.

Why invest company resources to identify the perfect sustainable material, hire design agencies that lack the experience to work with innovative tech & spend great amounts of time managing the whole process of design, production, and delivery when you can just give us a call?

Curious about what we do?


Research & Development

We research ways to enhance mycelium composite provided by licenced material producers by adding production waste, additives, colorants, coatings or creating new ways to make challenging geomteries.

Sustainable Product Design

We design a unique premium product with mycelium composite and/ or other renewable/ eco materials.

Product Prototyping

We create a prototype of your product idea, helping along the way to ensure a smooth production process. We help with testing and produce technical production drawings at the end of the process.

Sustainable Product Development

A full-service project that includes research & development, sustainable product design, and product prototyping phases to design a truly unique product made with mycelium composite and/ or other sustainable materials.

Eco Packaging Design

We design a unique packaging solution for your premium product with mycelium composite and/or renewable/ sustainable materials.

Additional Graphics and Elements

We create the necessary digital and/ or printed design assets for your product to flesh out the idea.

Project Management

When the technical drawings are ready we connect you with licensed producers and offer a project management service so you get the ready-made products hassle-free.

Why work with us?

Simple. With us you get:


Sustainable design expertiese.

An award-winning product and packaging design team that creates stunning products through a proprietary multi-step design method validated with leading international companies.


Manufacturing partner network.

A specialized European production partner network that will save you time and resources in searching for and validating the ideal manufacturer with optional production management from our team.


Experts in designing with mycelium

In-depth industry knowledge and experience in designing with mycelium composite gathered through research and collaboration with leading organizations in the field that helps us create the most efficient products.


Innovation & R&D Partners.

We provide research services to explore ways to enhance mycelium composite proqured by licensed material producers. This can be done by adding production waste, additives, colorants, and coatings, or by creating new ways to make challenging geometries to design multi-component products.

Partners & Clients

We are proud to have worked with these amazing companies.

Awards and honors.

Or what we can show for our efforts.

MUSE Awards Gold Medal for Luxury Product & Packaging Design
INVIVO Quest Europe - European Regional Winner
Chivas Venures - Local Finalist - Bulgaria
Forbes 30 under 30 Award for a Biomyc Founder
Plug & Play Startup Autobahn - Selected from a 1000 startups to do a pilot project with Mercedes-Benz
EIT Climate KIC Accelerator Stage lll Laureate
EIT Top 30 Cleantech Startups Nomination
Green for Growth Clim@ Competition Winner
Startup Europe Awards - Green Category - Winner
EIT Climate KIC Accelerator Stage ll Laureate

Our Process.

Proven through work with industry leading companies.



Goals | Research | Kick-off

It all starts with a quick call & a lot of prep

We start with a short intro call where we learn as much about you and your project as possible. Then with your help, we create a project brief and submit it for approval. Finally we set up the project schedule, have a kick-off meeting and proceed to take care of all necessary project preparation & research.

  • Initial Meeting
  • Brief & Shedule
  • Kick Off
  • Market Research
  • Project Set-up



Design | Refine | Finish

Together with you, we develop great designs

We explore various concepts and directions for the design through tons of sketching & visual concepts. We distill the best ideas and showcase them to you to choose the best direction. After that, we refine your favorite design & work on every small detail to make it exceptional. Finally, If your project calls for it, we create all graphic content and packaging for your product.

  • Concept Design
  • Concept Refinement
  • Detailed Design
  • Graphics & Trim
  • Product Packaging



Prototype | Test | Implement

And finaly we make them real

In this phase, we prototype, test and iterate to produce final technical drawings. We work closely with licenced production partners to ensure great manufacturability. Finally, we connect you with licensed producers from our network that can manufacture the product for you, and if you’d like, we manage the production process for you as an additional service to save you time and resources.

  • Technical Drawings
  • Product Prototyping
  • Prototype Testing
  • Unit Costs
  • Process Management

Core Team.

Who we are.

Atanas Enev
Manager & Design Lead

Atanas is an architect, designer, and entrepreneur with experience in managing complex multi-stakeholder projects and developing innovative products from renewable materials. He was named one of Forbes Bulgaria’s 30 under 30 most influential people that drive innovation and progress. He is responsible for strategic planning, design, and customer acquisition in the team.

Vanya Milanova
Marketing & Customer Dev

Vanya has more than 10 years of experience in management, marketing, and customer development. She has successfully led international projects with various stakeholders across Europe as a project manager with one of the leading companies in the education sector and developed foreign markets & managed key client accounts as part of a successful scale-up in the health and science sector. Her main responsibilities are customer development and marketing.

Prof. Albert Krastanov
Research Lead

Albert is one of the leading experts in the field of Biotechnology in Bulgaria. He has over +30 years of experience and approximately +200 publications, many patents, and books. He has worked on a number of large industrially oriented projects for large international corporations such as EADS, HUVEPHARMA, and SELUR. Albert is the lead scientist in charge of technological development and testing.

Ana-Maria Markovska
Product Designer
Mihail Prodanov
Nenko Manolov
Radka Baldzhieva
Research Assistent


How we do the things we do.

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