We have the pleasure to work with various companies from different industries like automotive, cosmetics, construction, design, food, and beverage.


Mercedes-Benz x Biomyc

Develop eco-friendly replacements in car production


UFT x Biomyc

Researched the effect on lavender and rose waste to enhance mycelium composite.


MUSE Awards x Biomyc

Awarded a gold medal for luxury systainable design for a premium cosmetics product from mycelium composite.

In The Works

What we're planning.


Redefine Luxury Spirits Packaging

Sustainable Product Development, Prototyping & Production Management

We are working with one of the leading international premium alcohol companies to create the next generation of sustainable packaging for their high end product series

Explore the effects of alcohol waste on mycelium composite

Research & Development

Research the effect alcohol production waste biomass has on the visual and physicomechanical characteristics of mycelium composite

Explore ways to enhance the visual appearance of mycelium composite

Research & Development

Explore ways to enhance the durability and aesthetics of mycelium composite by adding natural substances and aditives

Design a premium sustainable burial container

Sustainable Product Design

Design and develop a luxury sustainable burial container from renewable materials and with mycelium composite

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