Forbes Bulgaria features Biomyc

Forbes Bulgaria featured Biomyc in their latest issue. The article “Biomyc – the Bulgarian company that impressed Mercedes-Benz” was written by Veronika Sherbanova.

What is the carbon footprint that each of us leaves behind? What is the carbon footprint of the goods we use every day? These are some of the questions that we ask at Biomyc. In the article Atanas Enev, our co-founder talks about:

  • Biomyc’s mission and goals
  • The company’s beginning and Atanas’s interest in entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Biomyc’s collaboration project with Production Planning at Mercedes-Benz
  • Biomyc’s current capacity, partnerships and future plans

My position on sustainability is not based on idealism or a global trend. It is simply the logical step forward and right now is the best time to innovate in the field.

Atanas Enev, manager at Biomyc

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