Norway Grants Innovation Project Gains Speed

Biomyc is entering Phase 02 of the Sustainable Modular Packaging project supported by Norway Grants

After seven months of hard work and dedication by the Biomyc team the Norway Grants supported project that aims to design and develop a next-gen standardised mycelium composite eco-packaging set is entering the second phase of its development.

After a great deal of primary and secondary market and product research, design & development, hundreds of meetings with experts in the field of packaging & mycelium composite the project is steadily advancing to the prototyping development and iteration phase.

This level of speed and efficiency would not have been possible without support form Norway Grants.

Below is a summary of all completed tasks and hit milestones. Biomyc is looking forward to the next two phases of this amazing project.

Nature is at the center of circularity & innovation. It has iterated, optimised and developed thousands of solutions over millions of years. We just need to understand them and find ways to implement efficiently. Design is a great tool for this.
Vanya Milanova
Marketing & Customer Dev at Biomyc

Project Progress

Project Size

Total 80 000 EUR

The total project size is 80K EUR. Norway Grants will dedicate funds to cover project costs along side co-funding from Biomyc.

Project Start

from 01.07.22 to 31.10.23

The project timeline is 16 months in which the Biomyc team will work with local and international partners to design the packaging set

Project Scope

Type product design

Develop a innovative sustainable packaging set from mycelium composite and additional materials

We are closer and closer to implementing the project and enabling mycelium composite producers to reach a larger customer base and thus contributing to mass adoption of the material on the local and international markets. 

Over the last seven months we have:

1. Market Research

Target market research is complete. The ideal markets have been identified and validated through primary and secondary market research from reputable sources and stakeholder interviews in the shortlisted industries. 

Mass packaging producers’ product portfolios were analysed to find the ideal parameters of a sustainable packaging solution (size, function) Over 10 000 product entries were catalogued and crosschecked with the top selling products by packaging type in the selected industries.

Based on this information a market analysis report was generated and a design brief containing the ideal product parameters was compiled.

2. Product Design

Stage 01 – Concept Design – is complete. Based on the design brief generated in the Market Research phase and extensive design research 12 concept directions were completed. The concepts explored basic geometry and function of the sustainable packaging set.

Stage 02 – Refinement – is complete. The created concepts were further optimised after multiple stakeholder meetings with producers. After this step the concepts were further enhanced based on the feedback. Function and ease of production were the top priorities in this phase. After completing all planned rounds of meetings and optimisations the shortlisted concepts were further explored and an additional 12 sub designs were generated to advance to final development.

Stage 03 – Final Development – has started. We are working closely with packaging producers and key stakeholders to fine tune the solutions that will advance to prototyping and iteration.

3. Implementation Equipment & Materials

A Raise 3D Pro 3 FDM 3D printer was acquired to help increase prototyping and design capabilities. Thanks to this we are doubling the speed at which we can create prototypes internally leading to faster project output.

Enhancements for existing 3D printing equipment were acquired to boos efficeincy. In addition to this materials for development were secured and are ready to be used in the next stages of the project.

4. Prototyping

Prototyping & development – has started. Initial concepts and key assumptions are being produced and tested. Work with key stakeholders and producers has started and is planned to be completed in the following months.

5. Marketing

An efficient marketing strategy to help the initial producers who will produce and sell Biomyc’s designs quickly and efficiently is 90% complete. The strategy is created based on information from key stakeholders obtained through primary research (interviews). Based on the data gathered our team can tailor a mix of activities that will enable an increase in conversion.

Stay tuned for further developments!

Supported by a grant from Norway through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021, in the frame of Programme “Business Development, Innovation and SMEs, Bulgaria.