Biomyc wins support by Norway Grants to design innovative eco packaging

Biomyc awarded funding from Norway Grants

Biomyc wins financial support from Norway Grants to design and develop a next-gen standardized eco-packaging set.

The set will be created using mycelium composite and other sustainable materials. Developing this solution will help mycelium product producers around the world gain more market share.

Biomyc’s team aims to eliminate key bottlenecks in mycelium composite packaging production and sales and help the technology reach mainstream adoption levels faster.

Mycelium composite is one of the most promising materials to enable a circular transition in many sectors dominated by petroleum-based products. That is why it is our mission to help it reach the mass market as quickly as possible and we are very happy Norway Grants has decided to support us in this endevour.
Atanas Enev
Manager at Biomyc

The Project

Project Size

Total 80 000 EUR

The total project size is 80K EUR. Norway Grants will dedicate funds to cover project costs along side co-funding from Biomyc.

Project Start

from 01.07.22 to 31.10.23

The project timeline is 16 months in which the Biomyc team will work wit local and international partners to design the packaging set

Project Scope

Type product design

Develop a innovative sustainable packaging set from mycelium composite and additional materials

The grant was awarded to Biomyc to help design a sustainable packaging set using mycelium composite. Developing such a set will enable faster mass adoption of the material on the local and international markets and help push this technology in its journey to mass adoption.

The project duration is 16 months and covers an extensive range of activities to assure a maximum quality outcome:

1. Market Research

Extensive market research of key target industries – including secondary and primary research with key stakeholders to develop the design brief and establish precisely KPI’s for the packaging solution design

2. Product Design

A three-stage design process with Biomycs proprietary methodology for sustainable design That goes through concept, refinement, and final development of the design, based on the market research data

3. Implementation Equipment & Materials

Acquisition of additional equipment to enable faster project completion – including 3D printing equipment and materials to increase prototyping speeds and allow for more testing

4. Prototyping

Prototyping & development with leading partner companies in the field of packaging production & packaging design

5. Marketing

Marketing and implementation resources to establish awareness for the designed solution

The project will include expert packaging design and packaging production partners from Bulgaria and efforts will be consulted by international leading companies in the field of mycelium composite product production.

Stay tuned for further developments!

Supported by a grant from Norway through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021, in the frame of Programme “Business Development, Innovation and SMEs, Bulgaria.