EIT Climate KIC mentiones Biomyc’s research activity in spotlight articles

Biomyc has the amazing honor to be featured on EIT’s news platform.

Climate KIC Innovation Spotlight explores some of the most promising innovations from around their community. In the article CKIC takes a look at BioMyc, a start-up supported by EIT Climate-KIC, which is exploring the potential for biodegradable packaging and construction materials made from agricultural waste and mushroom mycelium.

Biomyc has the amazing honor to be featured in both EIT and Climate KIC’s media platforms.

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is an independent EU body. EIT increases Europe’s ability to innovate by nurturing entrepreneurial talent and supporting new ideas. It is thanks to the support of EIT and Climate KIC that Biomyc was able to find a stable footing on the market in a fast and efficient way.