Burgas Municipality invites Biomyc as a guest lector

About Burgas

Burgas is one of the coastal cities of Bulgaria, famous for its beautiful landscapes, wide beaches, and amazing architecture.

It is one of the biggest cities in the country where thanks to Municipality Burgas various cultural, scientific, and educational centers are created and active. They constantly bring together young individuals and professionals that want to contribute to global progress and help protect the environment. 

Burgas is shaping up to be one of the leading tech hubs in Bulgaria where various educational and cultural programs are held to foster entrepreneurship, innovation, and scientific research.

Biomyc is on a mission to help young eco-entrepreneurs

Vanya Milanova, Marketing, and Atanas Enev, Manager at Biomyc were invited to hold a lecture on sustainable product development in front of the Burgas youth organization “Dobrotvortsi” (Doogooders).

Over the course of the training day on-site, Biomyc had the chance to talk about best practices in starting a sustainable company, eco-product development, and innovation.

Vanya from the Biomyc team talked about best practices to market sustainable ideas to increase visibility and foster new business relationships that bring sustainable products to market.

Atanas helped the young entrepreneurs learn more about starting an eco-business and presenting it to stakeholders, customers, and supporters alike.

Biomyc is constantly striving to help students and young professionals understand more about the challenges of entrepreneurship so they can be better prepared for the challenges that await. This helps more and more companies create successful businesses by learning from the mistakes of their peers and thus fostering a better environment, a healthier work culture, and a more stable business scene that would affect us all in a positive way!