Biomyc – guest mentor at GreenUp

About the Program

GreenUP is a pre-accelerator Bootcamp that brings together ambitious entrepreneurs with successful and proven mentors for a successful start of their new endeavor.

GreenUP provides the framework with which you entrepreneurs and specialists can validate their idea and more importantly build the right team of dedicated supporters and co-founders to bring the idea to market.

GreenUP is the first startup camp in Bulgaria to kick start and foster purely sustainable businesses with eco-friendly ideas.

In an intensive week, participants go through all stages of the development of a starting company, meet experienced entrepreneurs and key representatives of the Bulgarian startup ecosystem, and learn the basics of sustainable business.

Best of all – the event takes place in the beautiful ecological base of Botany Life in nature. A lovely retreat where 20 young entrepreneurs can start their journeys together in the perfect environment under the patronage of experts in the field.

And it is completely free.

Biomyc is on a mission to foster entrepreneurship

Atanas Enev, manager at Biomyc ltd. was invited as a guest lecturer to help the young entrepreneurs flesh out their ideas and assist in their quest to start a sustainable business.

Over two sessions Atanas showcased best practices that would help the young entrepreneurs present their idea in front of investors, potential co-founders, and the media.

Biomyc has developed a step-by-step approach for presentation prep and creation that covers preparation, content, graphics, body language & tone, stage behavior, Q&A tips and ticks, and post-presentation networking strategy. In the first part of the daily program Atanas went over the full presentation prep and delivery strategy and over the course of the second half of the day the young entrepreneurs had the chance to present their ideas and get realtime feedback to improve!

It is always great to help young entrepreneurs along their journey! The more young people and specialist create their own eco businesses the better the environment and buisness world are going to be.

– Atanas Enev