The Recursive features Biomyc

The Recursive honored Biomyc with a featured article by Antoanela Ionita titled “Design for sustainability and biotech innovation: The story of Biomyc”

This is one of the best features Biomyc has had thus far. In the Article Mrs Ionita interviews Atanas Enev, manager at Biomyc and answer important questions about sustainable innovation and design as well as Biomyc’s history and future goals.

The article answers the following questions:

  1. The role of design in the sustainable transition
  2. What does design for sustainability mean in Biomyc’s vision
  3. What are Biomyc’s key offerings
  4. What other factors does Biomyc take into account when choosing sustainable materials
  5. Biomyc’s business model
  6. Biomyc’s process when working with a client
  7. How Biomyc was funded
  8. Biomyc’s growth plans, including in the CEE region
  9. Atanas’s favorite part of being an entrepreneur
  10. Atanas’s advice for entrepreneurs who want to create value both for their business and for the environment