Mercedes-Benz Group features Biomyc in an article about our eco-colaboration

This is a sustainable Bulgarian-made part in the new S-Class & EQS models by Mercedes-Benz.

The official article is out in Mercedes-Benz Group’s main portal covering the cooperation between Mercedes-Benz Group Research & Biomyc!

We can finally share a photo of the assembly part we created together with Production Planning at Mercedes-Benz. We are incredibly proud to say that the sustainable assembly protector part we designed together with the Mercedes-Benz Group Research Team is being used in Sindelfingen production for the S-Class and the new EQS models.

This is one of two custom parts that were designed for assembly. The other assembly protector is being tested in the Bremen facility. 

Thank you Gerd Bernding Raju Patil and Florian Dauven for the awesome collaboration! As well as Petra Sonntag for the awesome article.

The article also covers the great work Mercedes-Benz and Opus 12 and UBQ have done in the field of creating sustainable components for the automotive world. Curious to learn more?