Guest speakers at the National Innovation Forum

Biomyc was invited to speak at the award ceremony at the National Innovation Forum 2019 held in the Presidential Palace building in front of the president of the Republic of Bulgaria, key policymakers, foreign embassies, businessmen, status, and the media.

Atanas Enev, manager at Biomyc, had the honor to speak about what sustainable companies need to drive faster growth as well as key steps that need to be taken in order for Bulgaria to achieve faster and more stable sustainable economic growth in the green business and innovation sectors.

The main points in the speech about how to enhance the sustainable business eco system in Bulgaria were:

  • Implement an educational system that will help students and young professionals learn about entrepreneurship to enable them to make an educated choice when deciding on a career path. This would increase workplace happiness and contribute to massive economic growth and the decrease of unemployment rates in the country as entrepreneurship creates new career opportunities
  • Increase the regulatory pressure on non-sustainable products to make eco-friendly alternatives a viable choice when compared to standardized plastic alternatives
  • Introduce systems and programs and legislation to help young entrepreneurs create their first businesses and help small to medium-sized companies get a more stable position in the local and global market