Startup Autobahn EXPO Day by Plug and Play


Vanya Milanova and Atanas Enev from Biomyc present their Pilot Project with the automotive giant Mercedes-Benz at Expo Day 07 by Startup Autobahn. The project was presented on stage together with Christian Hess, Prevention and data analytics assembly processes at Daimler AG.

Biomyc presented a live demo of additive manufacturing products with a sustainable materials at the event.

Vanya Milanova from the team lead the demonstration and met key industry players in the automotive and aerospace industries. They discussed sustainable material solutions, eco-design practices, and innovation implementation strategies to move the global business and production scene forward to a greener future.

Atanas Enev had the honor to moderate a panel discussion – SustainABILITY – Challenges and Opportunities in Supplying and Communicating Green Mobility with speakers:

  • Daniela Rathe, Director Politics, External Relations and Sustainability, Porsche AG
  • Sabine Angermann, Director Mercedes-Benz Cars Procurement & Supplier Quality for
    Body-in-White, Raw Material, Raw Material, Strategy, Risk Management & Capacity
    Management, Daimler
  • Doug Johnson-Poensgen, CEO, Circulor

Panel Topic

Climate change and finite natural resources increasingly heaten the discussions on sustainable and transparent operations – and the public outcry based on the lack thereof. OEMs are under scrutiny to sell socially and environmentally responsible products – at a profit. When pursuing their strategic sustainability goals OEMs are confronted with an overwhelming complexity of globally integrated supply chains. Equally, innovators, manufacturers of sustainable materials, and service providers might find it difficult to stand out of the crowd. But where does sustainability start along the chain? Who should be responsible for enforcing it? And do greener products present an economic burden or opportunity? And where is STARTUP AUTOBAHN coming in the game?

We were so excited to be part of Europe’s largest open innovation platform – Startup Autobahn powered by Plug and Play where 40 new pilot projects were presented at EXPO Day. Enterprises and startups worked together on future car technologies, sustainable materials, and enterprise solutions.
And we are incredibly honored to be working with Production Planning of Mercedes Operations on eco-friendly replacements in their car production.
It’s an honor to be placed next to such great projects like the one by Porsche AG and Way Ahead Technologies AG which are solving safety challenges in mobility or Ottopia and T-Systems International GmbH which make vehicle teleoperation a reality.

A big thank you to Plug and Play Tech Center and STARTUP AUTOBAHN for the great opportunity.

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About Startup Autobahn EXPO Day 07

For the seventh time, we will celebrated EXPO Day with over 1200 guests. The STARTUP AUTOBAHN EXPO Day is an invite and application-only conference that connects thousands of curious, open and engaged minds from successful entrepreneurs, leading companies, investors and high-level politicians.

The event took place in Stuttgart on February 13th to explore Open Innovation and Tech in the fields of Future of Mobility, Production, and Enterprise, as well as promising ideas for business and our planet. Together with 27 corporate partners the startups showcase the results of 100 days of working on 55+ pilot projects. But that is not all – we discussed exciting topics such as “circular economy”, “futuristic in car materials”, “autonomous vehicles” and many more.