Elek and Biomyc develop the first mycelium packaging product on the Bulgarian market

Great news! The first mycelium packaging solution is now on the Bulgarian market. Elek and Biomyc collaborated to create the first mycelium composite eco-packaging solution in Bulgaria.

Elek is a premium hand-made boutique cosmetics company in Bulgaria. They create sustainable cosmetics solutions with organic and natural ingredients for a niche market of young and eco-conscious consumers.

The packaging solution that Elek and Biomyc brought to the Bulgarian market boasted two identical mycelium component pieces and a cardboard sleeve. The mycelium components are backyard compostable (they turn into nutrients for the plants and degrade in natural conditions) and the cardboard sleeve is recyclable. A minimal amount of ink was used when creating the graphic design for the project.

The exclusive gift set sold out in under three months after the release date. We are happy to see that more and more people opt for innovative and sustainable solutions. Thank you Elek!

Curious to see how it works. Check out this demo video here.