Beyond Pre-Accelerator invited Biomyc as a guest lecturer

About the program

Beyond is a pre-accelerator program for students from different backgrounds that was founded by JA Bulgaria and The EDGE R&BD.

The program targets students (BSc, MSc and PhD level) along with young professionals that want to work on creating and developing lean technology startups.

Beyond applies the open innovation model, meaning the creation of multidisciplinary teams of people with different backgrounds and competencies that work in the same teams with the end goal of creating an MVP.

Following the completion of the program, JA Bulgaria & The Edge: R&BD continue to work with the teams to aid the commercialization and scaling of their startup ideas.

Atanas, manager at Biomyc, was invited to share internal know-how about sustainable product development, prototyping and MVPs. The event was held at Sofia Tech Park, where Atanas presented various examples and best practices to help the young entrepreneurs and experts develop MVPs faster and eliminate mistakes as much as possible to give them a faster and higher market entry chances.

All teams had the opportunity to do a Q&A with Atanas after the presentation and go over hot topics surrounding their product development process.

Beyond Pre-Accelerator thanks Biomyc and Atanas for sharing best practices on product development. 

-Elitsa Efremova

Biomyc is on a mission to educate.

One of Biomyc’s core principles is to educate the next generation of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs* alike.

Intrapreneur – An intrapreneur is an employee who is tasked with developing an innovative idea or project within a company. The intrapreneur may not face the outsized risks or reap the outsized rewards of an entrepreneur. However, the intrapreneur has access to the resources and capabilities of an established company.

We believe that too many people today are stuck at jobs they do not find fulfilling or meaningful.

On one side we have people with the potential to foster growth through their own businesses, that are stuck at unfulfilling day jobs because no one ever gave them the knowledge and skills necessary to encourage them to develop their own ideas.

And on the other side, we see many unhappy entrepreneurs that suffer from burnout or stress because they are secretly more suitable to function as part of a bigger team but are trying to solve problems alone. People that would be an unstoppable force of innovation if they were part of an international organization, but were never presented with that option, to begin with.

At Biomyc we believe that more and more students and young professionals should be given the chance to create a business while they are still in a stage of their life where they can take bigger risks.

Founding a company and learning the basics of entrepreneurship can be scary and overwhelming but it provides a perfect opportunity for young people to decide if they want the high-risk high-reward rollercoaster ride that is entrepreneurship or the stable, warm, and fulfilling journey of being part of an established corporation and helping it push forward and develop further as part of a bigger community!

This way young people can make a conscious choice that would help them live a happier and more fulfilling life, while at the same time fostering more new businesses and creating more healthy work environments.

That is why at Biomyc we do our part to work with the next generation of entrepreneurs and professionals and share what we learned, demystify entrepreneurship and hopefully give them the helpful encouraging push that could lead them to a fulfilling life suitable for their personal and professional skill set.