Pathfinder Project Completed

Biomyc and Cleantech Bulgaria successfully completed a eight month Climate KIC Pathfinder project and identified three innovation opportunities based on mushroom technology with great EU wide impact and market potential.

Project Outline:

  • Duration - 8 months (FEB-SEP)
  • Size - 62 500 EUR Funding
  • Partners - Cleantech Bulgaria & Biomyc
  • Main Goals:
    • Market Research
    • Market Validation
    • Technology Development
    • Material Testing
    • Raw Resource Location

The Pathfinder Project "shift IDEAS – Exploring the market potential of mycelium-lignocellulose based bio-degradable materials as alternatives to petrochemical derivatives." was created to explore the innovation possibilities of mushroom technology, that works by combinig crop waste and fungal organisms to create a compostite material out of which multiple products can be created.

With the help of EIT Climate KIC and Cleantech Bulgaria great progress was achieved with the Pathfinder Project in the last ten months. All initially set KPIs were completed and the information gathered is invaluable for the next step in Biomyc's development plan.

Project Results

Market Research - Regulatory, technology and market researches conducting

Duration: 5 months
Result: Extensive market data was gathered on the Mushroom Material Market by attending specialized events, conducting direct client based market research and comissioning detailed analyses. Within the project timeframe multiple analyses were completed:

  • Market Size Assessment
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Regulatory Landscape in Europe
  • Market Drivers and Restraints
  • Competitive analysis

Market Validation - Prove market existence and gain macro industry understanding

Duration: 6 months
Result: +27 interviews conducted with potential customers and three niches identified. Pilot products of mushroom material manufactured – branding merchandise. Attracted a first pilot order for premium boxes made of mushroom material for a boutique wine manufacturer in Bulgaria, based on the technology implemented in the product samples.

Technology Development - Validation of the methodology for production of biomaterial samples

Duration: 5 months
Result: Our lead biotechnologist, prof. Albert Krastanov, and his team of researchers optimized the technology. Samples with great mycelial coverage produced. Different mothods for material manipulation tested. Two production methods identified.

Material Testing - Test composite for biodegradability and mechanical properties

Duration: 2 months
Result: The material is tested for biodegradability - achieved full degradation in only 50 days in-lab and 75 days outside of the laboratory, with great promise of compostability. Mechanical tests comissioned and results expected within the calendar year.

Raw Resource Location - Nationwide mapping of appropriate raw sources of lignocellulose

Duration: 5 months
Result: Commissioned and completed agricultural waste map of Bulgaria, showing types of lignocellulose waste available. Commercial version with selected capabilities implemented on website. Full map can calculate most cost effective routes for optimized transportation of raw resource and estimate the quantities of raw feedstock available.

What's next?

The main goal for 2019 is to validate the technology outside of the laboratory and produce functional prototypes of the innovation opportunities identified in 2018.
To do this we plan to commission a pilot prototype installation. It will allow us to:

  • Produce larger quantities of the material than it is now possible In the lab
  • Test the technology in industrial conditions out of the sterile lab environment and improve where necessary
  • Produce and test functional prototypes
  • Validate our financial projections for material manufacturing costs
    We aim to be able to produce larger pilot production to better satisfy customer need.

Right now we are looking for industrial and R&D partners to further develop the technology and explore more of its possibilities. If you are interested, contact us.

Thank you

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