Mushroom Material Packaging

New technology. Organic packaging. Safe product.

A fully biodegradable, sustainable alternative to styrofoam packaging. An innovative technology that provides thermal insulation and impact protection for your products.

It is created in a entirely sustainable process that does no harm to the environment. Using agricultural residue and the root structure of mushrooms this packaging solution can be tailor-made and shaped to your speciffication. With this technology you leap ahead of your competitors and save the environment. Possible uses include, but are not limited to:

Product Packaging - Food and Beverage

The packaging is entirely biodegradable and made of agricultural residue. It gives an new, fresh look to your products and gives an unfair advantage over other products on the market.

Transport Packaging - Electronics, Food and Beverage

With this technology we can design custom trasport packaging solutions for your goods. The packaging can give your products extra thermal and impact protection during delivery. We offer tailor-made shapes and sizes according to customer specifications.

The product can be used for the transportation of electronics and machinery as well as cosmetics, among others. These products keep your products safe and enhance your brand.

In 2019 we aim to produce pilot product series for a select group of corporate customers. If you want to be among the first to enhance your brand and have your own next-gen, custom packaging, contact us and our team will design your innovative and sustainable packaging solution.

New technology. Organic packaging. Safe product.