Paper Pulp Packaging

New products. Custom shapes. Eco Packaging.

Unique packaging products, that can be produced in large quantities and in various shapes and sizes.

New, eco-friendly and talor made.

The packaging solution is created from recycled paper and wood sawdust. It can be molded in various shapes and sizes to suit your business’s needs.

Optimized transportation and affordable cost.

The paper based products are suited for large quantity transportation. They have natural moisture repellent qualities and antiseptic properties to ensure your product's safety. Their design ensures a high level of rigidity to add that extra layer of protection for your products.

An amazing choice for single use ware for restaurants, cafes and fast food shops. The products come in a variety of colors and present an eco friendly and economically viable alternative to plastic products.

We would love to provide a sustainable and affordable alternative to one use plastic products for your business and help you enhance your brand. Whether it is cupholders, food plates, wine shippers, fruit or seed trays.

Contact us and we will send you a full catalogue with product prices and quotas.

New products. Custom shapes. Eco Packaging.