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Tech. Team. Goals.

This site was created with funding from EIT Climate-KIC supported by European Institute of Innovation and technology [EIT], a body of the EU under the Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

Biomyc is all about innovative, eco packaging and biotech expertise


We revolutionize packaging for your business with new sustainable products. We are there for you every step of the way by providing:


Our team analyzes your current packaging solutions. We use our database of innovative sustainable alternatives and present an economically viable and eco-friendly drop in replacement to enhance your brand and sustainability.


Design and packaging experts create custom products that are tailored to your exact needs. We work closely with you and your team to ensure a perfect product-industry fit. The end result - a unique and sustainable packaging solution, perfect for your business.


We handle everything on the production side, so you don’t have to. We find the best people for the job and maintain a close relationship with manufacturers and producers to ensure high-quality product output on time.


We take care of the logistics and bring innovative products to your doorstep, hassle free.

All products are created from sustainable feedstocks (mainly agricultural residue and recycled paper or wood).

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Or R&D team develops circular models that make waste generate income for your business. Our biotech experts are top notch professionals that have developed and tested products for EADS, HUVEPHARMA and SELUR.

We analyze the properties of the waste generated by your business, develop methods for reuse and help you implement them into your existing processes and adding circular products to your roster.

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A great product should be two things.
Great for the Environment & Great for your Business.


We began in June 2017 as a starting R&D company that aimed to bring sustainable products to market. Our initial goal - develop a biodegradable alternative to Styrofoam using agricultural residue and the root structure of mushrooms as a binder.

By 2018 we had finished our in-lab technology, gathered our core team and gained recognition by winning several awards as well as participating in the prestigious EIT Accelerator program.

While reaching out to potential customers we found a big market demand for sustainable packaging. Companies needed different complex packaging solutions. We understood that multiple technologies needed to be combined to create a fit for more customers.

That is when we decided increase the portfolio of our services and products with the aim of bringing sustainable products to market sooner. We do this by:

  • establishing good relationships with manufacturers and producers of sustainable packaging
  • dedicating our scientific department to the development of methods for circular solutions.

Today we are increasing our network of manufacturers and producers of innovative, sustainable solutions and preparing for pilot project series with key industry stakeholders.

Our goal is to create a production facility for sustainable packaging in Bulgaria by 2022 that will satisfy EU wide demand and take advantage of the great manufacturing conditions in the country.

Contact Us

Atanas Enev
Managing Partner
tel. +359 882 372 732
mail. atanas.enev@biomyc.eu

Vanya Milanova
Customer Development
tel. +359 89 705 7591
mail. vanya.milanova@biomyc.eu


Core Team

Atanas Enev

Atanas is a practicing architect, designer, and entrepreneur with over 8 years of experience in the field of design and management of complex projects with vast stakeholders. Named as one of Forbes Bulgaria's 30 under 30 most promising people to drive progress he loves innovation and minimalist design. Because of this, he founded Biomyc - an award-winning design and biotech company that combines cutting-edge technology, eco-design, and renewable feedstocks to create trully sustainable products. He is responsible for strategic planning and customer acquisition in the team.

Vanya Milanova

Marketing & Customer Development
Vanya has over 5 years of experience in management, marketing, and customer development. She has successfully coordinated international projects with various stakeholders across Europe as a project manager with one of the leading companies in the education sector under the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and developed foreign markets and managed key client accounts as part of a successful scale-up in the health and science sector. Her main responsibilities are customer development and marketing strategy for Biomyc.

Ana-Maria Markovska

Product Designer
Ami is a designer with a passion for sustainable product design. She's been creating art since her earliest years and transitioned from physical art to 2D digital and then 3D digital art and animation, as well as coding skills to visualize her work even better. This culminated with her love for product design and especially in the field of packaging. She has experience in developing brands and products for starting companies.

Mihail Prodanov

Sales and Business Development
Mihail has a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Management degree which spans across EDHEC Business School France, SKK GSB, South Korea, and UC Berkeley in the USA. His professional development path started with a position in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Council of Ministers, and as a liaison officer for the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union while he also acted as a president of an NGO. During this time he acquired skills to communicate and facilitate successful interactions at the highest level. He is responsible for sales, key contact account management, and business development.

R&D Team

prof. Albert Krastanov

Chief Scientist
Albert is one of the leading experts in the field of Biotechnology in Bulgaria. He has over 30 years of experience and approximately 180 publications, many patents and books. He has worked on a number of large industrially oriented projects for large international corporations such as EADS, HUVEPHARMA and SELUR. Albert is the lead scientist in charge of technological development and testing.


Gather Core Team
October 2017

Gather Core Team

Attract leading biotechnologist. Attract corporate partners.

Incorporate Company
January 2018

Incorporate Company

Incorporate Biomyc ltd. together with key industry partners and secure funding for the pre seed round.

First Product Sales
May 2018

First Product Sales

Sold first products, made from prototype samples to validate market intrest.

Increase Partner Network
September 2019

Increase Partner Network

Increase partner network with more sustainable packaging producers.

Limited Series with Industry
December 2019

Limited Series with Industry

Create a limited series for lighthouse customers and validate the manufacturing parameters.

Seed Funding Round
August 2020

Seed Funding Round

Secure funding for the seed round and activities for technology scaling and market development.