Packaging Material

New technology. Organic packaging. Safe product.

We are developing fully biodegradable packaging that provides thermal insulation and impact protection to your products. It looks and acts like plastic foam but is made in a entirely sustainable process that does no harm to the environment. The packaging solution can be implemented as transportation packaging and product packaging alike. Some of the applications are:

Product Packaging - Food and Beverage

The packaging is made of agricultural residue left over from the client`s core manufacturing process. This adds to the organic feel of the whole offering, while at the same time giving it an innovative look that helps it stand out from competitors on the market.

Transport Packaging - Electronics, Food and Beverage

Using our technology we can manufacture trasport packaging solutions for your goods. The packaging can give your products extra thermal and impact protection during delivery. We offer custom shapes and sizes according to customer specifications.

The product can be used for the transportation of electronics and machinery as well as cosmetics, among others. We are experimenting with a variety of agricultural crop residues to create the best formula to keep your products safe.

We are currently in the R&D phase. We are producing pilot product runs for corporate customers while further enhancing our product. If you are interested in the technology, want to offer next-gen, custom packaging to your customers or wish to be one of the first to know when we roll our products out to market, contact us for additional information.

New technology. Organic packaging. Safe product.