New technology. Organic fibreboards. Safe product.

We are developing an eco-friendly fiberboard that contains 70% less timber and no petrolеum-based adhesives. High quality furniture without the health risks of formaldehyde-based products. The fiberboard consists of two parts. A core and a cover material.

The core is biodegradable, eco-friendly and safe

The filling is made of agricultural crop residue and the root structure of mushrooms. The formula and production method we use create a solid core material, that is biodegradable and VOC free. Used in furniture manufacturing, the product will minimise the health risks that petroleum-based composite boards pose, typically found in most boards on the market.

The cover material is high quality and can vary in type and look

The top and bottom cover of the fiberboard are made of thin sheets of high quality veneer, giving the board a high end appearance while drastically diminishing the amount of timber needed for manufacturing. This makes the product eco-friendly and visually appealing. The boards can be coated with industry-standard eco-friendly materials, resulting in a variety of finishes to suit customer demand.

We currently are in the R&D phase. We are producing pilot product runs for corporate customers while further enhancing our product. If you are interested in the technology, want to offer next-gen, custom fiberboards to your clients or wish to be one of the first to know when we roll our fiberboards out to market, contact us for additional information.

New technology. Organic fiberboards. Safe product.